18-20/6. Recording with Andreas Hall.

27-30/6. Teaching at Bangen Jazz Collective

5/7. Walter Lang Trio at Le Pirate Jazz Club in Rosenheim. 

6/7. Walter Lang Trio at Kulturetage, Reim. 

7/7. Walter Lang Trio at Unterfahrt, Munich. 

9/7. Walter Lang Trio recording. Udine. 

3/8. Anders Persson Trio. Jazzfestival in Neapel.

14/8. Corpo at Kulturkalaset, Gothenburg. 

16/8 GWO at Kulturkalaset, Gothenburg. 

27-31/8. Teaching in Copenhagen at NoCom. 

9/10. OPEN, release tour, Fasching, Stockholm. 

10/10 OPEN, release tour, Ingesunds Musikhögskola, Arvika. 

11/10. OPEN release tour, Umeå Jazzclub

12/10. OPEN, release tour, Nefertiti Gothenburg.

19/10 Andreas Hall, Unity, Gothenburg. 

27/10. Corpo, Juan-Les-Pins. 

3/11. PROMS, Konserthuset, Gothenburg. 

8/11. Corpo, Lugano.

9/11. Corpo, Milano. 

14/11. Walter Lang Trio, Ofterschwang. 

25/11. Walter Lang Trio, Haus am Meer, Fukui, Japan.

26/11 Walter Lang Trio, B-flat, Tokyo, Japan.

27/11 Walter Lang Trio, Royal Horse, Osaka, Japan.

28/11 Walter Lang Trio, Marufuku, Masuda, Japan.

29/11 Walter Lang Trio, Studio Farm, Fukuchiyama, Japan.

30/11 Walter Lang Trio, Lifetime, Shizuoka, Japan.

1/12 Walter Lang Trio, Yakata, Furukawa, Japan.

2/12 Walter Lang Trio, Bar Queen, Iwaki, Japan.

13/12. Walter Lang, Thomas Markusson and Magnus Öström in Osaka, Japan.